Privacy Policy

The processing of personal data in Norway is primarily regulated by the Privacy Act, but a number og other laws like the Act of Electronic Eommunication and the Norwegian Accounting Act provides guidelines regarding how personal data is processed.

Personal adaptation
To ensure the content of this webpage is as relevant as possible for you, we use cookies containing data like language, segment and digital device.

When you visit our webpage, different data is stored in a “Cookie”. A Cookie is a small file stored locally on your device. It is not harmful and can not contain viruses or malware. It only stores data from our webpage, i.e. your last visit, or data entered in forms.

Cookies is what makes a webpage remember your preferred language, a name you’ve entered into a form, and your location. A cookie will be stored by your browser to your device, and you are able to delte all saved cookies through the browser’s preferances if you should wish to.

Settings for the use of cookies in a browser
By allowing the use of Cookies you will have a more relevant user experience from the webiste you are visiting. You can still change your preferences in your browser. At ( you find a guide to how to delete or decline Cookies.

Analytical purposes
To be able to learn from your’s and othes users online behaviour we use a system called Google Analytics. Here we analyze the data to improve our website’s functionality, user experience and content. The information stored through Google Analytics, like IP-address, is stored anonymously in the Google Analytics server. These values are anonymous and does not contain information that can be tracked back to you, and all IP-addresses are anonymized.

No personal data is stored with us
We do not store any form of personal information about you through our website. We only have anonymized information about your user behaviour which can not be traced back to you personally, or your device. We do not store personal information like name, phone number, e-mail address, age, gender, hobbies, what other websites you visit, etc. As mentioned above i.e. name and e-mail address can be stored as a Cookie, but this is not information available to us. Cookies are only used on your device to make your user experience of a website optimalized for you as a user.